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Ian Stewart

I'm all for it! (We octogenarians have to stick together.)

Besides, 80 plus isn't that old.

Keep in mind, by the time all you young boys and girls get there, 80 will be the new 60.

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I'm for it too! Already signed the petition

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This post is again proved that age is not a matter, if you have confidence and ability you must success.I also have already singed the petition.So again Go, Betty white Go!

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so loving with wild animals !antique post..

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Wanted to see it from the first trailer, the second red band “hit girl” trailer made me anxious to see it and now this third trailer has made me need to see it.
Very cute! I LOVE the color, too.


Betty White has found a new popularity esuacbe she starred in a very popular Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl. In the commercial, she was playing football and getting thrown in mud (that was a body double), while the guys (her teammates) chastised her for playing like Betty White.With her newly found popularity, there has been a petition on Facebook for SNL to ask Betty White to host an episode. The petition has reached a very large number of signers, but SNL has not asked her to host yet. If they did, she would say yes.


CuteI am waiting for President Obama to whis happy brtahdiy for a little poor black woman who has been voting straight Dem for 40 years.I won't hold my breath ..cozying up to Negroes is apparently a no no to the Dem power players.anyway Pres. Obama has the Black vote sewn up, no need to actually court this demographic.

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