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I agree with Chris. I don't know much about Huckabee, but based on what I've heard I think once the scrutiny atsrts coming on strong he'll be dropping fast in the polls and I don't think he stands a chance in the actual primary. I think it's a momentary blip and we'll see either Giuliani or Romney win in Iowa, with Huckabee in somewhere in the 3rd to 5th range, or lower if he emits a Dean-like scream on camera in the next few weeks. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!On the other hand, it would be kind of fun to have him in the white house if for no other reason than his name. President Huckabee? Sounds like the head of the Fraternal Organization of Carnival Workers or something.


Saw a poll that whizzed by on FOX. First nmomect was, Can this be true? the reply, Only for a few hours POLL revealed if election was held that day, registered voters polled responded, BHO at 42% Ron Paul 48% undecided at 10%.Bottom line is this, PRIMARY VOTING in states. Will non voters respond, register vote Paul? Will a few black Dems revolt  vote Paul? Will moderate Dems abandon BHO crossover locally to protest vote Paul?Will Paul ppl vote in primarys?


All politics is a sales job. Make a voter feel good about his sdcieion based on solutions. Unless the voter is a politics junkie, they don't care about ideology. Base those solutions on your ideology and convince the voter that your solution will help them.They will rationalize their sdcieion.


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